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Media 2070 & MMM Announces Exclusive Reparative Healing Space

By: MMM Editorial Team

Media 2070 hosts a "Thought Wall" at the Black Future Newsstand in Harlem, NY

Media 2070, a project committed to radically undoing harm in the U.S. news system, is holding an exclusive self-care space for 20 BIPOC journalists on June 25 @ 1 p.m. ET.

The Reparative Healing Space will feature a short introduction to media reparations, Media 2070's decades-long plan to center Black narratives in the media, a safe space discussion and a half hour of meditation/yoga/tapping techniques led by the News Yogi.

"I was a journalist for quite a few years before transitioning into public relations and this idea came from knowing first-hand how tough working in news is," said Tianna Mañón, organizer of the event with Media 2070. "Our goal is to get people together, discuss a few shared experiences and then return to our bodies. A lot of journalism requires you to disassociate with what your body needs and this space helps you get back into your skin, but also leave with a few tools and resources to re-center the next time work stresses you out."

The space requires a short application, which can be filled out here. All applicants will be notified by the 21st.

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