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About Mañón Media Management

The media is one of the most powerful institutions in our society. Whether you're talking about traditional news media, TV entertainment or social media, much of what is popular today is driven by the media. That includes critical legislation, conversations surrounding equity and human rights and pretty much every single social justice problem there is.

We know that healthy conversation is a part of the process to make change and we are committed to helping journalists put together a more accurate first draft of history. Manon Media Management is working every day to ensure that conversation is fairer and more accessible. We believe in fair and equitable representation for all communities. When told correctly, stories don't just sell products and brands, they can unite us all and help us find our common humanity. 


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About Tianna Mañón, CEO 


Tianna Mañón is a PR and media relation specialist who focuses on storytelling and message creation. By utilizing social media, traditional media and micromedia, she is able to spark necessary conversation between communities, bolstering discussions for healing for long-term relationship-building. She specializes in campaigns that focus on equity and inclusion and is excited about ensuring that all residents have equal access to health, employment and housing opportunities.

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