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Why this Matters

News MUST be more representative if we plan to heal this nation!

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75% of newsroom reporters are non-Hispanic white males. 

  • Women and POC who work in newsrooms report major wage gaps and are more likely to work unpopular shifts. 

  • Reporters of color report interpersonal discrimination and some say they are openly "treated differently."

  • MMM works to support Women and Reporters of Color by pitching directly to them and helping them create major journalism projects, advocate for important stories and improve retention. 


News, with the exception of crime, overwhelmingly focuses on white stories and sources. 

That means when you read about political news or health news it's often missing any other racial or ethnic perspectives. This leads to poorly-crafted legislation, exclusion and contributes directly to the many racist discrepancies we see in this nation today. 

MMM supports journalists and our larger community by aligning key voices with their coverage so we can diversify the faces/voices we see/hear.


Less than a quarter of Americans trust the news today.


Yet we need the news to heal and build a better nation. It's imperative that we not only know but fully understand how other people live, how other communities operate and especially what's happening in our own cities. 

People cannot be informed voters, good workers or excellent citizens until equipped with the information they need to both envision a better tomorrow and help create it. 

We work everyday to rebuild trust in news, encourage more feedback and tear down the wall between the newsroom and readers.

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