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Zahyia Releases Latest Album "Chapter 45", Featuring Jazz & Afro-Futuristic Melodies + Album Release

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

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R&B isn't what it used to be and if you're missing when artists used to "sang" instead of sing then Zahyia's latest album is perfect for you. The Rochester, New York-based artist sings her heart out on major tracks like Foul SoulChild, Man in the Mirror, a cover of the popular Michael Jackson song and Rich Men Fly to Mars, a play on "Whitey on the Moon"

"I'm really excited about this album," she said, explaining that the pandemic helped her unlock new levels of depth and creativity. "My music is really fluid and people often want to put music in a box but for me it's about pushing boundaries, expanding perspectives, and touching the hearts of the listeners. This was very personal for me and I'm excited about the reception we're receiving."

There will be an official album release March 11 at Lux.

The album includes a lot of jazz music and afro-futuristic melodies, harkening back to Zahyia's unique style. For example, her single "Fighting the Sickness" had a Rock & Roll background. Already, the album is being played on radio stations across the nation and the video for Fighting the Sickness has hundreds of views:

“'Fighting the Sickness' features a mishmash of musical sensibilities." wrote Jacob Schermerhorn for the Rochester Beacon. "The thrumming guitar line of her latest work was inspired by Disturbed, for example. That eclecticism is something Rolle would be the first to proudly admit is an accurate encapsulation of her as an artist."

You can pre-save the album here or head to Facebook for more information on the album release party.

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