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A New Art Gallery Spotlights Black Creatives with a Focus on Reducing Burnout

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The Inspire Arté Gallery is an exciting space that is seeking to unapologetically highlight Black creatives and radically change our relationship with productivity and creation.

Opening at 57 University Avenue soon, the Gallery will highlight Black Artists in Rochester for Black History Month and beyond. Each artist chosen will have the opportunity to be featured on the gallery's website, on the social media platforms and interviewed on the gallery owners' video podcast — where they'll get to discuss their art/talent as well as who they are as a human being vs. human doing.

"We want to really dig into how they're taking care of their mental health & wellness, and what it means to be 'All of You'," explained Alexis Russell, co-creator of the space, who is pushing people to re-evaluate their relationships with output. "With the Inspire Arté Gallery, we hope to create a space and platform for local artists, writers, and entrepreneurs of color to share their art, work, and story with the community. The gallery will feature local artists' artwork, intimate events & workshops, meetups, and opportunities to be spotlighted on our video podcast. Artists can choose to feature an art piece for free or host a gallery takeover and fill the space with their art."

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Inspire Arté Gallery will serve as a precursor to opening the new EXP Studio, a multimedia and innovation center which provides resources for photography, audio/recording/podcast, makerspace, dance, retail, and more. Built for community use in the Sibley Building, it'll open later this year.

"We look forward to building new partnerships with community members as we continue to grow and helping creatives get the resources they need to create without burning out," said Alexis.

Artists and creatives should reach out to Arté Gallery at or via email at, or by booking with us at

More about EXP Studio: The Inspire Arté Gallery is sponsored by EXP Studio. EXP Studio is a multimedia, tech, and innovation production studio located in the Sibley Building. The studio offers multiple studios (recording/audio, photo, video, dance, makerspace, and more) all in one location to the community at affordable and accessible rates/membership options. EXP Studio will be opening its second location this year (2022).

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