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BoomTown Read: How Artists Balance the Craft and Business of Their Art

Two artists, Erica Bryant and Samson Tonton, share their experiences of balancing both the craft and the business of their art in the new article on BoomTown, "Is Being a Full-Time Artist Still Possible?"

Erica Bryant, a collage artist whose work is primarily inspired by dreams, says it is possible to be a full-time artist and she knows people who are, though she herself balances her artwork with a full-time job as the writing director for the Vera Institute of Justice, which aims to end mass incarceration. She thinks this work is important too, so she does both. Among the advice she discusses for inspiring artists she says, "Create your own definition of success. It certainly doesn’t have to be defined by money."

Samson Tonton, a Haitian-American artist with a distinctive cubism style imbued with powerful cultural messages, also works as an elementary art educator. He says, "it is possible to be a full-time artist, though it has its challenges, especially about managing the business aspect." To artists just starting out, Samson advises that "having confidence in yourself is key. Believe, Believe, Believe!"

To read the full article on BoomTown, click here. Be sure to read all the way to the end where there are helpful links to resources for artists.

For more information on Erica Bryant, visit

For more information on Samson Tonton, visit

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