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Alton M. Sutton Golf Club 

Did you know just 3% of recreational golfers are Black? That's right. According to the National Golf Foundation, Black golfers don't even make up 1/20 of who golfs and, when it comes to playing competively, Black golfers make p just 1.5%.

That's because there's a long history of systemic exclusion that left out minorities, women and, especially, impoverished and, even some, middle class people. This meant that the networking opportunities on the course were limited to a very few. 

And it's time we change that. 

I am inspired by my own great-grandfather, Alton M. Sutton or "Cigar, a golfer who plastered his home in trophies and awards from dominating courses up and down the east coast. Since I was a child, he played multiple times every week. He also ran a golf club out of Genesee Country Club, and many of those golfers continued golfing decades later.

While our hope is that each and every student will golf the rest of their life, we also want them to learn patience, persistence and begin to create a network of their own. 

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