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Why Getting as Many Followers as Possible is Killing Your Revenue Goals!

This post is part of our "How to be an Expert in Your Industry" series.

Social media is both a major point of revenue for businesses and a...major headache! So let's discuss how you can use your social media to stand out in your industry as an expert, lock in more sales and also not spend all day on an app you're starting to hate.

I always tell my clients to stop trying to go viral.

It doesn't always bring in more sales! Instead, we help our overly busy clients maintain a consistent and appealing profile by focusing on a portfolio approach: We create posts that show prospective clients exactly how they've already done what they'd do for them. We essentially "show our work" which includes the finished product, some behind-the-scenes photo show the process and then the response to the product.

This works because of a thing called "Social Proof." Seems obvious but a lot of people managing their accounts always try to keep up with trends and "trick the algorithm."

But – think about how you check out a restaurant. Sometimes one may pop up on your feed, but most likely you probably googled somewhere a friend suggested, liked their IG profile and saw pics of the food and people enjoying the space. That’s social proof. It’s one of the best things to get someone to turn into a real customer!

So it takes the pressure off of "going viral" or getting a ton of likes. Instead the focus is on your ability to communicate your services, whenever someone happens to check out your profile not the first 5 minutes of your post, and this goes a long way in securing a customer– much further than the latest dance craze.

Try it out for the next couple weeks and get back to me if this worked!

Are you looking for a PR team to help grow your audience? Check out our suite of services, from full representation to one-off press releases!

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