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PR Tip: Focus on Just One Person

Social media can be daunting!

You know there are billions of people out there, including your own following and you want to tell more people about your product or service but then you record a video and second-guess it.

Or you have an interview lined up and the on-camera portion is terrifying.

Scopophobia is the fear of being on-camera or being watched (and judged) and it's one of the most common fears!

Here's a tip!

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You don't need to convince everyone in the world to work with you right now. Instead, your focus is getting the message out in an authentic way!

For me, I always picture my next client on the other end. We're in a 1:1 conversation and I'm simply explaining to them how I do things. I basically like to use on-camera work as a way to speak to people I may not get to otherwise.

And picturing one person on the other end is a lot easier than trying to craft a message for thousands of people! It keeps my message shorter, more focused and allows my "me-ness" to shine.

I also do that because your next client or customer is going to browse your grid or website and watch/read your content and they want to connect with you.

Remember, people aren't looking for perfection– not in the world of curated Instagrams where they can get that anywhere. They want to know more about you: your values, your attitude, your services.

So, tell them! You've got this. And feel free to send me your videos so I can like and share them!

Your friend,


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