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How Press Releases Can Save Busy Entrepreneurs Time & Money

Every entrepreneur is juggling a million tasks at any given moment, and it's even worse if you're a solopreneur! Here's how a great press release can help.

Over the years, I've come to truly value the the press release, a simple 350-500 word text that details critical updates and new products from your business. Not only does it make it way easier to secure coverage because journalists are familiar with the format, it can be a game-changer for your online presence!

Here are some of the ways you can reuse the press release content to save your brand time (and money!):

  1. As web content: You should always post every press release and any news coverage you get onto your website! It's an easy way to keep your website fresh and it helps show your expertise to prospective clients and journalists alike! Often, if you have great search engine optimization, you can get to the top of the discussion just by updating your site!

  2. As social media content: In this digital age, social media is king, and press releases can be your loyal foot soldiers in the social media battlefield. Break down your press release into bite-sized pieces or create a longer thread/slideshow and then link to the press release on your website to send people straight to your webpage! Bonus points: if you create artwork or graphics to run with the posts, making this text-heavy copy more appealing.

  3. In Your Email Outreach: Whether you run a regular newsletter or you're trying to get new customers, you can repurpose some of the copy in your press release to save yourself time. This works because press releases by their nature are informative and persuasive, hitting on all of the major points you need to make to land new clients and customers.

  4. Copy for your next project or product launch: Don't reinvent the wheel if you already have copy that works for you! When handling your next product launch, reuse that press release as talking points or, again, as web copy!

  5. Grants & Funding: Apply for grants takes a lot of time and one of the best ways to secure funding is to "show, don't tell." Using press releases can help you prove the value of your company to an outside funder, instead of you trying to tell them you're worth investing in! The polished look of a press release can also set your pitches and applications apart.

As an entrepreneur, your time is incredibly valuable. Press releases not only save you time by providing an easy format for sharing information but also through their adaptability across different platforms. By repurposing your press release, you cut down on content creation efforts significantly, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - growing your business.

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