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When Should You Start Pitching an Event?

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

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Event planning is difficult enough but if you're also handling the press coverage and promotion for the event, it can quickly become impossible.

Recently, someone asked us when they should start pitching reporters and news outlets to get coverage for an event. While that changes slightly depending on your industry, here are a few guidelines to increase news coverage at your next event:

Avoid the common mistake of sending a press release to the newsroom 2-3 days beforehand. Unless really pressed for a story, most will pass on it. This is especially true in larger cities where you're likely competing with violence, breaking news and major businesses and corporations.

Instead, plan to spend about two months on news coverage.

The first month is to gather important materials, including a press release or media alert, the actual pitch and a flyer or graphic with details about the event. You will then take all of the resources, pitch the news and spend another month or so leading up to the event coordinating interviews and appearances. The sweet spot? About 4-6 weeks before your event, which allows you to pitch bigger features and in-depth interviews as well as quick coverage.

Leading up to the event, you're worried about a million moving parts but a solid press strategy and an early start can make it easy to schedule interviews around your responsibilities.


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