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[Placement] What was the media's role in the Tulsa Massacre?

By: MMM Editorial Team

"The Oklahoma Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit that argued that the remaining survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Massacre should be compensated by that city, a blow to their ongoing fight for reparations more than 100 years after the attack."

So begins a long discussion digging into the media's role in the massacre.

Joe Torres, Senior Advisor, Reparative Policy and Programs, appeared on Black Agenda Report and 99.5 WBAI, to show how local media erroneously covered what happened to Dick Rowland on that elevator, how they incited a lynching and help orchestrate a cover-up after the fact! While we're focused on reparations for survivors, we also need to explore the role of the media, which from conflict to conflict, has played a major role in violence against Black communities.


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