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[Placement] "The Buffalo News" Features Media 2070's Op-Ed About the Media's Role in Racial Violence

Media 2070's Collette Watson and Diamond Harriman critically examine the media's history of anti-Blackness that fuels race-based violence. With a focus on race massacres such as the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre and the 2022 mass shooting at Buffalo's Tops Supermarket, this thought-provoking op-ed explores how media perpetuates a cycle of harm, underscoring the urgent need for media reparations.

"From Tusla to Buffalo and beyond: Our communications infrastructure has a long history of contributing to anti-Black violence. While the massacres in Tulsa and Buffalo happened nearly 100 years apart, media companies have been monetizing oppression for centuries. The very first newspaper in the United States participated in the buying and selling of enslaved people. In 1957, local radio stations throughout the South used their broadcasting licenses to undermine the fight for integration."

Click the image above to read the full op-ed!

To set up an interview with the Media 2070 team, contact Nyasia directly with the link below!

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