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Let's Change the News. Together.

Inequity in news shapes every part of our society, leading to much of the division we see today. Let's work together and reform newsrooms to rethink storytelling for a fairer tomorrow.

News is the first draft of history. So, it's critical that it's done right. I work every day with newsrooms, communities and organizations around the nation to tell better stories for a better tomorrow. 

We are committed to pushing for a more equitable news culture. We

Representation in Reporters: We want reporters to look like the people who watch the news. Pushing for diverse anchors and editors will mean a major difference in the news that's ultimately created. 

Helping Black Businesses: There is a major gap in the publicity that Black business owners can afford. By working to offer competitive pricing and leveraging unique relationships, we are able to push forward your stories and get you in the news. 

True Community Connections: We need to change the very way we tell news. From unpaid internships and inaccessible higher education to subscription costs and writing, there is a lot more work we can do to tell the news together. 

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