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Two Media Professionals are Fighting Burnout in Newsrooms: How "Journalists Break News, Don't Let it Break You: Normalizing Mental Wellness in Journalism" Normalizes an Important Discussion

By: Manon Media Editorial Team

In the world of journalism, the pursuit of truth often comes with its own set of challenges and pressures. From tight deadlines to witnessing traumatic events, journalists navigate a high-stress environment that can take a toll on their mental health. Recognizing this reality, Leslie Rangel and Dr. Kate West have teamed up to address the mental wellness needs of journalists in their book titled Journalists Break News, Don't Let it Break You

Published with the intention of normalizing mental wellness within the news industry, this book offers a comprehensive guide for journalists to prioritize their mental health while excelling in their profession. Drawing from their combined expertise in journalism and psychology, Rangel and Dr. West provide practical strategies, insights, and resources to help journalists cope with the unique challenges they face.

One of the key aspects of Journalists Break News, Don't Let it Break You is its emphasis on destigmatizing mental health issues within newsrooms. Too often, journalists feel pressured to prioritize their work over their well-being, leading to burnout, stress, and even more serious mental health concerns. By openly discussing topics such as trauma, self-care, and seeking support, Rangel and Dr. West aim to create a culture where journalists feel comfortable addressing their mental health needs without fear of judgment or repercussions.

The book also delves into the specific challenges that journalists encounter in their line of work, such as covering traumatic events, dealing with hostile sources or audiences, and managing the 24/7 news cycle. Through real-life examples and practical advice, Rangel and Dr. West offer strategies for coping with these challenges while maintaining emotional resilience.

Furthermore, Journalists Break News, Don't Let it Break You emphasizes the importance of self-care practices for journalists. From mindfulness techniques to boundary-setting strategies, the book provides a toolbox of resources that journalists can incorporate into their daily routines to promote mental well-being. By prioritizing self-care, journalists can better manage stress, prevent burnout, and sustain their passion for reporting the truth.

Importantly, Rangel and Dr. West highlight the role that news organizations and industry leaders play in supporting the mental health of their staff. By implementing policies and resources that prioritize mental wellness, newsrooms can create a more supportive and sustainable work environment for journalists. From offering mental health resources to promoting a culture of openness and support, there are many steps that organizations can take to prioritize the well-being of their employees.

Journalists Break News, Don't Let it Break You is not just a book; it's a call to action for the journalism community to prioritize mental health and well-being. By acknowledging the challenges that journalists face and providing practical solutions, Rangel and Dr. West are leading the way in creating a healthier and more resilient news industry.

In conclusion, Journalists Break News, Don't Let it Break You is a timely and essential resource for journalists at all stages of their careers. By addressing the mental health needs of journalists head-on, Rangel and Dr. West are helping to create a culture of support, resilience, and compassion within the news industry. This book serves as a reminder that journalists are not immune to the challenges of mental health, and that prioritizing self-care is essential for both personal well-being and professional success.


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