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Media 2070's Press Briefing Gains Momentum with Journalists Nationwide

By: Alexandra Hayes

In a landmark event shaping the future of journalism, dozens of journalists from across the United States have signed up for Media 2070's upcoming press briefing. Set to take place virtually on January 17th at 1 p.m. ET, the event promises to be a pivotal moment in the quest for reparative journalism and the construction of more equitable news systems.

Journalists hailing from media hubs in New York, Arizona, Illinois, and Georgia have enthusiastically joined the initiative, reflecting the widespread acknowledgment of the need for transformative change within the industry. With the scars of historical injustices still present, Media 2070 has emerged as a beacon for those seeking a more inclusive and just future in journalism. In no time, the team has formed major collaborations and partnerships with organizations across the nation, prioritizing and uplifting Black voices.

The central themes of the press briefing will revolve around reparative journalism and the goal of building better news systems by the year 2070. Reparative journalism, as championed by Media 2070, seeks to address the historical and ongoing harms perpetuated by media institutions against marginalized communities. The movement advocates for a shift in narrative, an acknowledgment of past wrongs, and tangible efforts to rectify systemic biases.

Participants in the event can expect a robust discussion on the challenges and opportunities involved in reshaping the media landscape. From dismantling discriminatory practices to fostering greater diversity and inclusion, the press briefing aims to provide a roadmap for journalists and media organizations committed to driving positive change.

The virtual nature of the event reflects a commitment to inclusivity, allowing journalists from diverse backgrounds and geographic locations to engage in the conversation. By bringing together voices from across the nation, Media 2070 ensures a rich and varied perspective on the challenges faced by different communities across the nation.

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