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Make Your Campaign More Relevant: Putting Your Audience in the Spotlight

By: Tianna Mañón

In the fast-paced world of media, getting your story noticed can be a daunting task.

As a former reporter, I often found myself drowning in press releases that were overly focused on the brand's updates, missing the crucial element of explaining why those updates were significant. This common mistake led to thousands of press releases being tossed aside daily, not only by myself but journalists across the news industry!


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So, here's a quick PR tip that could transform the way you approach pitching your story, posting on social media, or even crafting a grant proposal: Shift your focus from yourself to your audience.

The key question to ask yourself is, "How does what I'm doing help others?" Take a moment to step back and radically work from that space. This shift in perspective can make your communication more impactful and increase the likelihood of grabbing a journalist's attention.

Support your story with concrete evidence. Numbers are your ally; find statistics that prove your points. If possible, incorporate a second voice or a testimonial from someone who has directly benefited from your company. This personal touch adds authenticity and resonates with readers. Alternatively, delve into how your initiative addresses a common pain point. By illustrating the relevance to your audience, you're making your story inherently more compelling.

The key takeaway is this: A reporter's role extends beyond merely telling your company's story; it involves finding news that is relevant to their audience. By crafting your story in a way that resonates with their readers, you make it difficult for a journalist to ignore. Remember, the more compelling your narrative is to their audience, the more likely they are to cover your story. It's a win-win situation that puts your audience at the forefront of your PR strategy!

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