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National Black Authors Day was held May 4, 2024 with a goal of celebrating literacy and raising awareness about the obstacles Black authors face. The event was covered in News 10 and

Created by CaTyra Polland, CEO of Love for Words, this year marks the 2nd annual celebration. Polland created the national holiday to celebrate Black authors, and to combat the misrepresentation and struggles they face in the publishing industry.

"Black authors have contributed invaluable wisdom, stories and perspectives for centuries. Our words have a global impact. This holiday is an opportunity to revere Black authors whose literature has influenced the masses," said Polland. "Black authors are more likely to be rejected for publishing and/or undersold and under-marketed in bookstores; however, despite these challenges, Black authors have persisted, sharing their unique perspectives and experiences with the world."

National Black Authors Day sheds light on the importance and influence of Black literature and Black History Month is a critical time to shine a spotlight on major equity gaps that persist in our society. Black authors still face publishing hurdles such as whitewashing, lack of representation or misrepresentation, and high marketing expenses. Fortunately, there have been great strides for Black authors but there is still work to be done.

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