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Roc Residents Offered Free Screening of "Gratitude Revealed" to Promote Gratitude Amid Violence

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Inspiring Experiences and NAMI Rochester collaborate to present Louie Schwartzberg's film Gratitude Revealed to help community members discover healthy ways to cope with violence and uncertainty.

On December 1st, Gratitude Revealed will be screened at the Focus Theatre, located in the Sibley Building in Rochester, New York. The film is much needed in a time of chaos and violence.

"Our world and lives are full of tough times," said InspiringExp's Alexis Russell. "As we move further into a season where many are experiencing seasonal affective disorder, we [as a community] are also still living in times of fear, heavy violence, poverty, and uncertainty. We must find safe spaces, outlets, community, and support systems to help us take care of ourselves while living through these times."

She said cultivating gratitude plays a significant role in helping people cope with trauma. As the community tackles violence, the screening of Gratitude Revealed offers community members an opportunity to gather together, engage in mindfulness, and support one another.

Aside from a free screening, the event will include a guided community journaling session and mental health resources.

Visit Eventbrite to get tickets.

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