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[Placement] Black Future Newsstand Initiative Featured in Harlem World Magazine

This Juneteenth, the Black Thought Project and Media 2070 will join forces to unveil the “Black Future Newsstand.” This live, in-person custom-built installation is guided by the question, “What does a media that loves Black people look, feel, sound, and taste like in a future where reparations are real?” and will feature magazines, mini-zines, newspapers, art and other forms of media owned and published by Black folx that represent the diversity of the African diaspora. The outside of the interactive newsstand will feature a Black Thought Wall, inviting Black people to write what they love about themselves, their visions for a media that loves Black people, and the stories they long to share and read.

Learn more and read the latest feature in Harlem World Magazine


Do you want to interview BFN organizers and/or learn how to get involved? Contact us directly with the button below:

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