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[Pitch] Why StoryCards is the Self-Care Tool You Didn't Know You Needed!

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Rochester-based entrepreneur, Alexis Russell, was selected out of more than 2,000 applicants to receive direct coaching from IFundWomen of Color and financial backing from Caress to help launch and further her product, StoryCards.

StoryCards were created to promote mental wellness and to be the self-therapy and self-discovery tool that people need when they aren’t sure of their next steps in life. After having to step into the role of becoming a business owner much sooner than she planned due to the COVID pandemic, Alexis realized that she was spreading herself too thin and never really had time for herself. Her roles as a mom, wife, and entrepreneur consumed her time and she needed a convenient and easy way to weave self-care into her already busy life. She created StoryCards from questions she would ask herself to check in with herself or when life was becoming hectic or overwhelming.

"Self-discovery plays a major role in our lives but because we’re always so busy or because some of our experiences are so traumatic, we forget, avoid, or don’t know how to take the necessary time we need to self-reflect," she explained. "For me, it’s always about questioning and taking inventory of my thoughts, how I’m feeling or reacting, and making sure that I’m taking care of myself. Self-discovery is self-care for the mind and with the holidays approaching and during the pandemic, so many of us need self-care more than we’re willing to admit.”

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StoryCards offer more than 60 guided prompts and questions that inspire people to be vulnerable, authentic, and empathetic to connect with themselves and their loved ones. They were designed to specifically focus on mental wellbeing and encourage people to ask those tough, dig deep questions that we often avoid or don’t know how to ask. They can be used as journal or thought-prompts or even as conversation starters over your next holiday meal with family and friends.

As part of the Caress Dreams to Reality program, Alexis recently launched her crowdfunding campaign and is pushing to receive support to bring StoryCards mainstream and make them available to more people. Self-care should be easy, accessible, and should add value, understanding, and peace to our lives and that’s exactly what StoryCards do.

To support the StoryCards campaign and receive your very own deck, visit:

To connect with Alexis Russell for interviews or inquiries about StoryCards, please reach out at or 585.363.1285.

For more on the Caress Dreams to Reality program, visit

About Inspiring Experiences LLC: Inspiring Experiences is an empathy-centric, self-exploration movement that relies on strategic storytelling methods, interactive workshops, and story-sharing to guide and support people as they elevate their voices, uncover their authentic value, and discover themselves to craft their personal stories. Founder, Alexis Russell, believes that our stories are the most important tool for self-exploration and self-discovery. From building empathy to building a business or brand, Inspiring Experiences provides the resources, partnership, and encouragement you need to uncover and develop your authentic story and connect with yourself and your audience.


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