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New Video Details Centuries of Media Harms Against POC

“A Journey Toward Reparative Journalism” Also Details the Steps Needed to Repair Media Harm

News Voices, a project of Free Press that builds people power to win local media collaborations that people need to thrive, is hoping to spark a major conversation with a recently released video titled “A Journey Toward Reparative Journalism.” The video, available on YouTube and Free Press’ website, is the first in an ongoing series dedicated to raising awareness about media harm and building support for reparative journalism.

The 5-minute video highlights three historical examples of media harm that have impacted BIPOC communities and examines how white supremacy continues to shape our media system.

“Journalism has a history of violence that is not well-known, but must be brought to the forefront in a time where the world is reckoning with white supremacy,” said Diamond Hardiman, reparative journalism manager for Free Press. “To support processes that bring about healing, we must sit with the ways that journalism has caused material harm in Black communities and other communities of color.”

“Our goal with the Reparative Journalism Project is to raise public awareness about the need for repair and healing from harm created by a media system founded in white supremacy and sustained by racialized capitalism," said Vanessa Maria Graber, New Voices director. “Newsrooms in the United States have a responsibility to address the harm caused by centuries of media exploitation and dehumanization of communities of color.”


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