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Media 2070's Article Lands in the American Academy of Political & Social Science

By: MMM Editorial Team

Media 2070 has an incredible mission: completely transform the current news media landscape and replace it with reparative systems that don't perpetuate stereotypes against Black communities.

A recently published journal article found a home in the American Academy of Political & Social Science, proving the growth of the media reparations movement and the strength of the argument for improved news systems.

"This article addresses current debates about the future of journalism by arguing that efforts to “save” local journalism will not succeed unless they reckon with the historical role that journalism has played in undermining democracy for Black people and Black communities" states the abstract.

As a spotlight on the harm caused and perpetuated by media grows this year, the media reparations movement stands as a way to move forward and begin to truly heal. You can read the full article here.


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