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Positive Story Alert: Meet the Employee Whisperer!

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Jason Greer Employee Whisperer
Jason Greer founded Greer Consulting Inc to improve workplace cultures and systems.

Workplace culture and employer-employee relations are a top issue in the nation right now and the pandemic has only added more pressure.

Jason Greer is the founder of Greer Consulting, Inc (CGI), a labor and employee relations company. He created the company in 2005, years ahead of the business industry sensing early on that employee relations and retention overall would become a critical issue.

Now, he's in the top 5% of labor and employee relations consultants and works with top brands around the nation, changing major workplace cultures and systems to make them better places to work. He focuses on hearing the needs of employees, translating them to employers and getting them the results they need to stay and work happily.

We sat down with Jason Greer to understand the top mistakes employers make, why this work matters and how we can all make a difference.

Why do they call you the employee whisperer?

*laughs* I am affectionately known as “The Employee Whisperer” based on my ability to interact with employees. I really focus on trying to understand their issues and concerns and then our team conveys these issues to management/executives. Often, after years of frustration, it can be hard for employers and employees to manage this work by themselves so we have our methodology that allows us to come in, regardless of their history, find common ground and move forward to a workplace where we're all happy. More and more employers are realizing how important the health & happiness of workers are. Sure, they produce more but overall, they're more likely to stay, recommend others to work there and just when truly nurtured can even help you grow and improve the business itself.

What is the biggest struggle employers face when trying to create worker-friendly environments?

The biggest struggle employers face when trying to create worker-friendly environments is a lack of understanding of their employees. So often, executives will utilize surveys as a means of gauging the chief issues and concerns of their employees, without realizing that employees want to be engaged in a more authentic and actionable way. It's also important to note that employers must institute some changes before asking for more recommendations. When you continue to just ask "how you can do better" without implementing those strategies, you can actually increase mistrust. When undertaking this work, it's critical you give it the importance it deserves because when done right, it can transform (and should) transform the entire workplace.

What is one thing all employers can do immediately to improve the workplace?

The one thing employers can do immediately is to go directly to their employees. Establish conversations with them…give them opportunities to see how much their input and perspectives mean to the leaders they work for. Go to them; listen to them and then immediately implement their ideas so they see how valuable their input is to the organization. From there, it's just a matter of time. Nothing happens overnight. Let them see you're doing the work, you're listening to them and willing to make change and employees will also begin to

You can learn more about Greer Consulting and how to bring them into your workplace by visiting their website.


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