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How Writing the Article Ourselves Helps Clients

By: MMM editorial team

Did you know in many newsrooms there's just 1-2 reporters working sometimes? In fact, one local newsroom has just one weekend reporter. That means if you pitch a Saturday story, you're competing with ongoing events, breaking news and any long-term stories they're already working on.

One solution we've found is to simply create the news ourselves and here are four things that goes into every original MMM article:

1.) Additional sources: one-source stories are a journalism no-no but we also add other voices because they often back up what our client is saying and can lend even more trust. Sources range from people impacted to officials and experts but we aim for about 3-4 in every article. It's also a great way to build industry connections and strengthen relationships with colleagues.

2.) Thinking for media: We also add visuals of some sort. This can be a graph with data that proves the main point, images or video that add another perspective or any kind of color to break up text and keep the audience engaged. This is especially important for long articles!

3.) A measurable call-to-action: Even if we're just sending people to a website, we like to be sure that we can measure how many people take action. This is especially great for sales where we can measure behavior and see how many people clicked but didn't purchase and how long they lingered. It also takes your PR work and makes it a bit more grounded in data.

4.) Think evergreen: most people won't see your article as part of the newscast. They'll see it on social or when they Google something so we always plan for a more evergreen angle. Even with event coverage, we talk about why it matters, so it's not immediately dated if the event has passed!

With so many understaffed newsrooms, having a publicist who can write the story for you is an invaluable resource to have. In fact, sometimes our articles come out better because we're not pushed by our editors to write 3-4 simultaneously and we have longer deadlines!


Looking for a publicist who can help you elevate your branding and press coverage? MMM specializes in working with entrepreneurs and activists who are working to change systemic issues. Connect with your target audience and let's make real change!

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