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Houston BCycle Celebrates 10 Years With Five Community Rides

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To celebrate 10 years of nonprofit bike share, Houston BCycle presents the Five for 10 Ride Series, a celebration of biking around Houston.

"Take a ride with us as we explore the unique neighborhoods Houston offers, the best way possible – on a bike!"

For 10 years Houston BCycle has been a reliable option for residents who want to get out on a bike, whether it’s for commuting to work, exercising, or exploring the city. This is especially important in a city that is car-dependent but where families may struggle to afford a car.

The BCycle program has been a necessary one for expanding equity and increasing access. In the past 10 years, users have ridden more than 9 million total miles and BCycle remains the largest nonprofit to also control operation, ensuring the focus stays on access.

The primary goal of the Five for 10 Ride Series is to enjoy a great bike ride to celebrate the 10th Anniversary and explore new neighborhoods, but it also supports The Great Bike Raise, a $1 million fundraising campaign to add more bikes to the BCycle system. 

This money would allow the organization to add 400 total new bikes and Precinct One Commissioner Rodney Ellis has already committed $500,000. This marks Precinct One’s most recent major commitment to bike share since Commissioner Ellis’ $1.85 million funding in 2020 that drove a 35% increase in bike share stations and introduced the highly-popular electric-assist bike fleet.

“At Precinct One we’re working every day to build a greener, healthier, and more equitable Harris County. Investments in bike lanes, trails, and expanding BCycle are important steps towards achieving those goals. I hope others will join me in supporting BCycle, and fueling the growth of this sustainable and affordable transportation option.”

Funding from Precinct One has increased access to alternative transportation in under-served neighborhoods like Third Ward, Fifth Ward and Near Northside.

Houston BCycle has grown to more than 150 stations across Houston in the last two years, a 35% increase, to meet demand for better biking infrastructure and is expected to grow another 23% this year alone. Learn more about upcoming bike rides and get involved:



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