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FM!'s Maya Ford Featured as WCW in Pride Nigeria

Maya Ford of FordMomentum! was featured as Woman Crush Wednesday in Pride Nigeria.

Want to see your brand in major outlets?

Her world-changing system, STOLO, is capturing audiences across the globe:

"Ford and her team are transforming the very way we understand the systems around us. In 2016, she founded FordMomentum!, a communications firm that fuses data science, cultural inclusion, and visual creativity to deliver results that bring communities to a more authentically healed place. From redesigning neighbourhoods to influencing how a museum was created to include local artists, Ford and the FordMomentum! the team are creating positive change throughout the world."

"Now, Ford is attending the Lagos Business School, giving her a rare opportunity to see inside the Nigerian business culture and recreate international relationships, transforming the way we identify and control our assets, how we value them, and how we profit."

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