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[Book Launch Party] “Journalists Break News, Don't Let it Break You,” May 31 in Austin, TX

Leslie Rangel
Dr. Kate West

If you are a journalist or someone who works in the news field, as well as anyone in the mental health and wellness space in Austin, Texas, you are cordially invited to the Journalists Break News, Don’t Let it Break You book launch party on Friday, May 31st @ 5:30 p.m. CT (SoCo Studios, 8534 S Congress Ave Building 2, Austin, TX 78745).

Co-authored by Emmy-winning TV news anchor and The News Yogi Leslie Rangel and University of Texas at Austin Professor Dr. Kate West, the book tackles the struggle of mental health in the newsroom. 

We know you are committed to this issue as well and we wanted to personally invite you to share this space with us. If you’re open to doing a story on this, we can get you time with both authors as well but otherwise please come, enjoy refreshments and a fun book launch after a long week in news! 

If you are interested, please just let us know by registering here. You will then receive a confirmation email that includes more resources and information for you to check out beforehand. 

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