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Black in the Newsroom: Media 2070’s Award-Winning Documentary Highlights Inequity in News

By: Nyasia Almestica

Media 2070’s award-winning documentary, Black in the Newsroom, has two upcoming screenings:

  • Nov 3-6 at Peachtree Village International Film Festival in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Nov 15 at University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication for a private screening

The 17-minute documentary follows Elizabeth Montgomery, a Black journalist who lands her dream job at The Arizona Republic. However, her dream soon becomes a nightmare when her low salary forces her to choose between rent and groceries– while a white colleague is paid thousands of dollars more per year. The documentary sheds light on the lack of diversity in newsrooms and how this can impact Black news reporters and transform the way stories are told:

“When newsrooms are white-dominated and there is not the diversity that reflects the community or that reflects the demographics or the future of this country even, it means that stories aren’t told truthfully,” says Alicia Bell, co-creator of Media 2070.

Reporters in these spaces often later report mental health and/or physical health issues, highlighting a need for change across the industry.

A trailer for the documentary can be found here.

For more information or to request a screening of Media 2070’s Black in the Newsroom, visit



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