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Annette Campbell, CEO & Founder of the Tax Experience: Generational Black Wealth is Waiting for You

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

After launching her business three years ago, Rochester native Annette Campbell is using her talents to build generational Black wealth across the community and develop financial literacy along the way.

Annette Campbell is on a mission. She's working with Black entrepreneurs and business owners across the nation to close the racial wealth gap.

Currently, many studies show that the average Black family has hundreds of thousands of dollars less than the average White family. A study by the Brookings Institute found that the median white American in their late fifties had $251,000 more wealth than the median Black American.

It was only 5 years ago that Campbell saw firsthand how unbelievably painful that gap truly is. She'd lost everything and was forced to stay with her mother.

"It was tough, I lost everything. I had to move in with a close family member and had to sleep on the floor at one point," she said. "But these challenges didn't stop me from pursuing my bigger dream. I wanted to be an entrepreneur."

She's had an interest in accounting since high school, which inspired her to choose it as her major while attending the SUNY Brockport. It'd take another three years of diligent work. Campbell worked at H&R Block for those three years, learning more about tax work, interacting with all kinds of people and building her own skillsets.

Finally, she knew she was ready to open the Tax Experience, a firm committed to helping business owners and entrepreneurs build solid, profitable 6-7 figure businesses . She uses her tax preparation, accounting, bookkeeping, and wealth management skills to help entrepreneurs reach new revenue highs. She said she's particularly focused on Black entrepreneurs:

"I want to inspire the Black community to believe and bet on themselves despite the obstacles they may be facing and make history for what they have been put on this Earth to do," said Campbell.

Campbell is now entering her third year of being in business full-time, expanding her office and staff. She is passionate about teaching the Black community how to build wealth, beginning with financial literacy.

Click on the link for more information about The Tax Experience.

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