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3 FAQ's About Our Press Release Service

By: MMM Editorial Team

Our press release writing service is quickly becoming one of our top selling products and we've noticed a few questions crop up again and again.

So just in case you have the same questions, we're addressing them here:

FAQ: What is a press release?

It's a one-page document that tells the news your latest story. It usually features: your contact information, a heading + subheading, a quote and call-to-action at the very least. It's usually an internal document meant to get journalists to interview you but often our clients reuse their press releases on their website, social media or even for grants and award applications!

Here's an example of one we recently wrote for a customer:

FAQ: Does this service include pitching?

Yes and no. It's not as detailed as our bigger packages and monthly retainers. However, we send your press release to a ton of newsrooms and journalists who may be interested with a focus on local news, industry outlets and podcasts. We may also pitch some national news. We also post it to our website and social media so it includes less pitching but also because often our straightforward press releases *need* less pitching. We see journalists reach out for interviews and then we work with you to coordinate those.

FAQ: What goes into writing the release?

We've been doing this long enough to where we rarely need to meet with you first. You send us the details and we work on the draft. We usually send you a working draft in just 1-2 business days! We then work through another round of edits and it's ready to go. On our side, we do research and add data or other relevant information to make your story even more compelling. We also add images, formatting help and work with you on a great quote!

This article is from an original press release put together by our team! We use language that shows timeliness and urgency so journalists respond faster. If you're ready to grow your audience and use our incredible press release writing service, let's get started today!

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