How do you write a press release? What is a press release? How do you get the news to do a story on your press release? 


Writing a press release and getting the news coverage you deserve isn't always easy. That's where we come in. This 12-page guide helps you form your idea, polish the pitch and find the best outlets/journalists to pitch to! Features:

  • More than 50 tips and tricks to improve your pitch
  • A reusable press release template that you can revisit for ever single pitch you send out!
  • More than a DOZEN pages walking you through the process of sending your best pitch
  • Help with the interview process so you can love your on-camera quotes
  • Ideas for multimedia so your packages are never boring
  • Tips on how to make your story go further and what to do with the links.


This template is the backbone of our press strategy meetings where clients who book with us learn personalized pitches and possible news stories. Mañón Media currently has a 100% success rate and now we're sharing part of our method with you!


Purchase now to change your press coverage overnight!

Press Release Template