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We’re excited to help you improve your on-air presence! 


Our intensive three-hour course can single-handedly increase your following and provide opportunities for employment at major outlets. Whether you want to grow your own platform or you’re hoping to add to your reel and get into a major newsroom, our Full Media Training is best for anyone ready to build more revenue or a larger audience!


We focus on allowing your unique identity to shine so you never feel like you’ve sold out while also ensuring you're informative and entertaining, fast-tracking you into a household name.Your purchase includes:


  • 3 hours of intensive work to make you the interviewer of your dreams!

  • Sample questions and angles to deepen upcoming conversations. 

  • Advice on on-air presence, including vocal coaching when necessary and physical appearance. 

  • “Homework” or tips and resources to continue building your on-air talent 

  • Opportunities for connections across the nation upon completion

  • Unlimited Year-long Access to Our Stories Matter, a pipeline of Black & Latino stories, press releases and pitches. Journalists across the world have signed up to receive these pitches 

    • You can include unlimited photos, videos and branding information to ensure your pitch stands out!

Full Media Training

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