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The Avenue Blackbox Theatre's Double Feature Reviewed by CITY

The Avenue Blackbox Theatre, a hidden gem in the heart of Rochester's 14621 zip code, recently earned the spotlight with a double feature that left audiences and critics alike buzzing with excitement. CITY Magazine, known for its discerning taste in the arts, took note of the theatre's latest productions, "The Past is the Past" and "Sarah and Sally," offering a thoughtful and insightful review that further solidifies the Avenue Blackbox Theatre's place in the local theater scene.

"The Past is the Past"

The first half of the double feature, "The Past is the Past," captivated audiences with its poignant storytelling and exceptional performances. CITY Magazine praised the production for its nuanced exploration of complex themes and the seamless integration of multimedia elements that enhanced the overall theatrical experience. The review highlighted the stellar cast and director David Shakes's keen ability to navigate the delicate balance between nostalgia and the harsh realities of life.

As the narrative unfolded, CITY Magazine noted the masterful use of the theatre space, creating an intimate connection between the performers and the audience. The set design, lighting, and soundscapes were all commended for their contribution to the atmospheric richness of the play.

"Sarah and Sally":

The second act of the evening, "Sarah and Sally," showcased the versatility of the Avenue Blackbox Theatre in seamlessly transitioning from one distinctive production to another. The review applauded the bold choice of presenting contrasting narratives, allowing the audience to experience a diverse range of emotions within the span of a single evening.

CITY Magazine's critique of "Sarah and Sally" focused on the powerful performances of the cast, highlighting their ability to bring depth and authenticity to their characters. The chemistry between the actors was particularly noted, contributing to the emotional impact of the play. The magazine also commended the thought-provoking script and the director's visionary approach in bringing the story to life.

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