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Rochester Chef, Calvin Eaton, is Celebrating the Launch of His New Gluten-Free Cookbook

Just Desserts offers a Variety of Indulgent Recipes to Satisfy Anyone's Sweet Tooth!

Photo Provided by Calvin Eaton

In a flavorful segment on Good Day Rochester, Calvin Eaton showcased his latest culinary triumph - Just Desserts! 40 Step-By-Step Gluten-Free Dessert Recipes. The occasion not only marks his debut cookbook of delectable creations but also The Gluten Free Chef blog's ten-year milestone.

Hot off a triumphant local book signing tour, Eaton's cookbook is a testament to his passion for crafting gluten-free desserts that defy the stereotypes often associated with alternative diets. "I really wanted to make it [the cookbook] an easy step-by-step guide," said Calvin Eaton, founder of The Gluten Free Chef. "What sets my cookbook apart from most is that I have a step-by-step guide for every instruction for each recipe, so not only are you reading how to do what, but you're also seeing that step in process."

The Gluten Free Chef blog has grown into an international community of those embracing a gluten-free lifestyle without compromising on taste. Though many people have not been diagnosed with celiac disease, experts estimate that about 2 million people in the U.S. live with the disease. Additionally, about 1 percent of individuals globally have celiac disease. Just Desserts offers accessible and delicious gluten-free recipes, contributing to a global movement for inclusive and enjoyable culinary experiences for those seeking gluten-free alternatives.


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