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Placement: Zahyia performs "Fighting the Sickness" from Chapter 45 LIVE on Good Day Rochester

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Rochester-based musician Zahyia Rolle was featured on FOX Rochester's Good Day Rochester, performing "Fighting the Sickness," a single off her new album Chapter 45.

"It's about the chapter I am in. You know, it's my 45th year of life and it's all about everything I collectively created that year," she said in an interview just before performing the song. "Like most musicians, that lack of therapy of not performing was so traumatizing. I know a lot of other musicians experienced the same."

Zahyia followed up her interview with a performance, bringing in three bandmates for what she calls "coffee music"– or music that wakes you up!

"You brought this energy and you brought this place back to life," said anchor Alexis Arnold at the conclusion of the performance. It was the first in-studio musical performance since the COVID-19 pandemic started. "The best star in Rochester, one of the biggest stars in Rochester."

Watch the full performance here.

Fighting the Sickness is a single off of Chapter 45, Zahyia's latest album, which was released March 11.

"I'm really excited about this album," said Zahyia, explaining that the pandemic helped her unlock new levels of depth and creativity. "My music is really fluid and people often want to put music in a box but for me it's about pushing boundaries, expanding perspectives, and touching the hearts of the listeners. This was very personal for me and I'm excited about the reception we're receiving."

You can stream the full album below:


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