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[Placement] MEFeater Magazine Shines Spotlight on Black Future Newsstand's Creatives & Writers

MEFeater Magazine honored the creative minds behind Harlem's first-ever Black Future Newsstand. The newsstand features some of the nation's top Black-owned magazines and outlets, celebrating a future where Black media and culture thrive and reparations shape a diverse and empowered community.

“Black artists, writers, and creators are often censored and constrained when expressing ourselves in dominant media outlets,” said Alicia M. Walters, creator of the Black Thought Project. “The Black Future Newsstand provides much-needed distribution and exposure for these artists and publications while inviting Black communities to engage in media-making."

Click the link for the full article.

Do you want to interview BFN organizers and/or learn how to get involved? Contact us directly with the link below:

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