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Media 2070 Shines in 2024 Press Briefing: A Spotlight on Achievements, Advocacy, and the Call for Reparations

By: Manon Media Editorial Team

In a powerful and thought-provoking press briefing, Media 2070 took center stage to reflect on their accomplishments over the past three years, highlight the challenges faced by Black journalists, and passionately advocate for the crucial cause of reparations. Hosted by the dynamic Tianna Manon of Manon Media, the briefing, which can be viewed here, drew in a diverse audience eager to delve into the pressing issues at hand.

Celebrating Three Years of Impact:

Media 2070 kicked off the briefing by celebrating their significant achievements since inception. From amplifying underrepresented voices to challenging biased narratives, the organization has been at the forefront of reshaping media landscapes. The briefing showcased the transformative power of media when wielded in the service of equity and justice.

Black Journalists: Guardians of Truth, Targets of Injustice:

A poignant segment of the briefing shed light on the challenges faced by Black journalists in their pursuit of truth. The speakers delved into the systemic obstacles, including disproportionate harassment, lack of representation, and the subtle biases ingrained in media institutions. The discussion emphasized the need for collective action to protect and empower Black journalists, ensuring their voices are not silenced or marginalized.

The Urgent Call for Reparations:

As the briefing gained momentum, the focus shifted to one of the most critical issues of our time – reparations. Media 2070 passionately advocated for addressing historical injustices and acknowledging the role media has played in perpetuating harmful narratives. The speakers eloquently articulated the case for reparations, emphasizing the importance of rectifying past wrongs and forging a path toward a more just and inclusive future.

Tianna Manon: A Guiding Force:

The presence of Tianna Manon, an influential figure in the media landscape, added a layer of authenticity and urgency to the briefing. Her skillful moderation and insightful commentary guided the audience through the complexities of the issues discussed, making the information accessible and engaging.

Audience Engagement and Impact:

With dozens already having viewed the briefing, the online audience engagement was a testament to the relevance and urgency of the topics covered. Social media platforms buzzed with discussions, sharing key takeaways, and expressing solidarity with the cause. Media 2070 succeeded not only in disseminating information but in mobilizing a community passionate about media equity.

What's Next:

The conclusion of the briefing set the stage for what lies ahead. Media 2070 issued a compelling call to action, urging individuals and institutions to join the fight for media equity and reparations. The organization's roadmap for the future includes strategic initiatives, partnerships, and ongoing advocacy efforts to drive meaningful change in the media landscape.

Media 2070's 2024 press briefing stands as a milestone in the organization's journey, marking a moment of reflection, advocacy, and mobilization. As the conversation around media equity and reparations gains momentum, the briefing serves as a catalyst for change, inspiring individuals to contribute to a more inclusive and just media environment. Tianna Manon and Media 2070 have set the stage for a future where media becomes a powerful force for positive transformation and reparative justice.

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