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Here's How I Get My Clients into Major News Outlets

Here is a short video explaining five quick strategies for getting into the news:

  1. A press strategy: One of the biggest mistakes growing entrepreneurs and brands make is failing to think about their press strategy. While every business owner has a long to-do list, this is one item that should be prioritized for every single entrepreneur.Simply put, a press strategy is your roadmap to getting into the news and taking advantage of press opportunities to grow your audience.

  2. A short pitch + a longer press release: Go simple but engaging and keep it to a few sentences max.

  3. Sourcing tools: HARO, are just some of the many platforms out there designed to connect sources and reporters.

  4. A newshook: Use an upcoming holiday, a recent study or breaking news to make your story even more newsworthy.

  5. Pitching schedule: pitching towards the end of the week can make a big difference in your acceptance rate.

Related: Are you struggling to get media coverage for your brand? The holidays is a great time to change your strategy and get the coverage of your dreams! Our Full Press Strategy includes a unique strategy to get you in headlines, 3 FREE press alerts (written just for your brand)– and more than 50 dozen tips and tricks to help you stand out!

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