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What Sets an MMM Press Release Apart?

You probably already know what a press release is (hint: if you don't, revisit this blog post) and why it's critical for a great press campaign, but why exactly should you work with MMM for your next press release?

This blog post digs into three reasons MMM press releases differ from the industry standard: 1.) We use a narrative approach: We don't just state the facts in our media advisories and press releases. In fact, every single one of our press releases is written in modern newswriting style. This helps reporters envision the final story, compelling them to interview our client. And with many newsrooms struggling with staffing, we get immediate placements when news editors print our releases as-is! 2.) We include multimedia: Whether we attach a photo to the pitch, a video or graph, we add color to every press release. This makes every email and pitch 10x more likely to be opened! When reporters have a way of visualizing the story, they can find alternative angles, go deeper and present the story to their editor. 3.) A powerful quote: Over the years, our speechwriting and statement creation services have become some of our most popular! We utilize these skills on every press release, writing powerful statements for our clients that showcase their intelligence and balance jargon with accessibility to help widen the audience. This allows us to reach industry and niche reporters as well as general assignment journalists.

While press releases come in many styles and forms, our unique approach is cemented by years of working in newsrooms and with other reporters. Over the years, we've learned what stands out to journalists, what makes them immediately ignore a pitch and how to uniquely position our clients in often overcrowded industries.

Let's work together to spread the word about your brand! Ready to get a MMM press release for your brand?

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