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Surprise! How One Organization is Making it Fun to Try New Foods

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

CurAte is spotlighting Local Eateries and Helping Roc Foodies Find their Next “Fave” with Surprise Meals

Rochester’s food scene is just waiting to be explored and CurAte is a local foodie must-try. The organization works with local restaurants to offer a specially curated, surprise meal every month. The result? CurAte is raising awareness about diverse cuisines and local eateries from across the region, helping them attract new customers and compete amid a pandemic.

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Because each meal is a complete surprise, customers only know when the meal is vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free. Besides that, they simply wait to be served a family-style dinner for two, delivered fresh to their door. There is also a pick-up option at The Historic German House for those who prefer that. Past meals have included Indian and Polish cuisine.

“We want to help people finally enjoy that restaurant they’ve been saying they should visit for the last three years,” explained co-owner Chris Lindstrom. “We keep the meals a surprise because we want to keep the meal fun, interesting, and unique. We’ve found that this is the best way to keep preconceived ideas out of the mix of trying new cuisines!”

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In addition to bringing in new customers, organizers also ensure that restaurants get their fair share of each ticket. 25 dollars from every ticket sold goes directly to the restaurant and there are no additional fees. When the food is ready, CurAte staff handle delivery and pick-up for customers, reducing strain on the restaurant. It’s a fun and convenient way to try a new food while also helping a restaurant grow.

CurAte’s next dinner surprise will take place January 26, 2022. Learn more here and follow to be notified of upcoming events.

CurAte press release-- Foodie
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