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Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Did you know our firm works to get disenfranchised and excluded voices into the news? This placement is the result of Monthly Publicity Services. Tell us your story and we'll help you get into major news outlets!

Maya Ford, Founder of FordMomentum! was featured in the Black Wall Street Times to discuss how her powerful system, the Standard of Love, is transforming cities and counties across the nation.

“Our work isn’t just ‘data and numbers.’ It’s about equity and creating new systems that actually work for us,” said Ford. “We never know what’s ‘right’ until we get in there and we ask, and then we confirm our research as well. We aren’t the expert; the people are. ”


Do you want to get your brand into the news? Set up a discovery meeting and get a full report with sample pitches and press releases to use! Even if you don't book with us long-term, you keep the report!

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Elizabeth Osta
Elizabeth Osta
Apr 04, 2022

Good Afternoon,

I've sent an email and another message. Hope they reach you.

I'm Elizabeth Osta (585-451-5822) from the Minister Franklin D. Florence Civil Rights Heritage Park, the first of its kind in the Northeast, celebrating the folks in Rochester who were key parts of the Black Freedom Struggle. Would love your help.

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