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Media2070's Award Winning Documentary Continues to Raise Awareness of Anti-Blackness in the Newsroom

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Media2070's powerful documentary, "Black in the Newsroom," continues to deliver the message of anti-blackness in the newsroom. The documentary details journalist Elizabeth Montgomery's struggle to make ends meet while navigating a racist workplace. "Black in the Newsroom" sheds light on systemic racism prevalent in the media industry and the dreadful legacy it has created.

Below is a list of upcoming screenings of Media 2070s, "Black in the Newsroom:"

  • January 27: Denton Black Film Festival in Texas

  • January 29: Chandler International Film Festival in Arizona

  • February 16: Montclair State University in New Jersey

  • February 21: Indie Film Festival in Phoenix, Arizona

  • February 23: San Diego State University in California

Click the link for more information about "Black in the Newsroom" and Media2070's mission.

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