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Media 2070 Featured in Dr. Andrea Wenzel's Let Gather ZOOM Chat

"Gather’s March 2023 lightning chat invited participants to explore models for 'accountability infrastructure' — systems, structures, or programs that facilitate a process of holding stakeholders with more power (e.g., news organizations, editors, CEOs) responsible for listening to and addressing the needs and concerns of those with less (e.g., BIPOC journalists and community members).

We heard multiple perspectives on what accountability infrastructure can look like for repairing and reimagining existing systems, as well as from some who’ve been able to build new structures for working more equitably with communities.

Our speakers included:

Letrell Crittenden, American Press Institute’s (API), Director or Inclusion and Audience Growth

Venneikia Williams, Media 2070 Campaign Manager

Tauhid Chappell, project manager for Free Press News Voices, co-founder of Philly Journalism Accountability Watchdog Network (Philly JAWN)

Jillian Bauer-Reese, co-founder of Kensington Voice, Associate Professor of Practice, Temple University

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