Make the Media Work for You

Half of all businesses fail their first year, but a proper media strategy can put you in front of the right long-term audience. 

  • Pitching  to relevant outlets and reporters

  • Finding news hooks and daily news relevant to your brand

  • Working with content creators on major projects and features

  • Getting you included in listicles, round-ups and recommendation lists

  • Handling all outreach, interviews and follow-up for you

Traditional news

From TV to traditional print media, this is typically the outlets you first think of when imagining news.

Digital media

Utilizing bloggers, major platforms and other digital spaces, we are able to expand your audience and control the conversation.

Take control of your own story!

From interviews to features, using the news, we can grow your audience and increase third-party verification!


Just need some ideas for your next project or event? Let's chat about strategies you can employ yourself. 

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